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By Tom Knighton

Despite claims to the contrary, gun rights advocates are a large and active voting block. There’s a reason lawmakers in pro-gun regions–regions that make up the bulk of the nation–make it a point to present their pro-gun credentials when running for office.

While polls occasionally claim most people support some kind of gun control, those polls rarely delve deeper into how important the issue is for those people. Most don’t so much support new regulations so much as think, “Yeah, sounds good.” In their minds, however, there are bigger issues to tackle and so they don’t care enough about gun control for it to make a difference in their voting.

Gun rights advocates are different. That is a major factor in our decision-making paradigm. We care and a candidates position on guns matters when it comes to which candidates to support.

But the media still wants to try and get gun rights advocates on their side, at least on some issues. They know that there’s little hope of getting their new regulations without some of us backing them, so they need to get us on board.

So they try things like this:


Among states that regulate retailers and how they store …Read the Rest

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