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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners love to distort facts. In fairness, they’re far from the only ones who do it, but anti-gun leftists are especially fond of this tactic. Personally, I think they’re so good at it that they do it on the subconscious level, never realizing they’re knee-deep in a delusion.

A prime example comes from Forward. It seems that Nikki Fried’s win as Ag Secretary in Florida is proof positive of a pro-gun control swing.

Yes, they’re still pushing that line.

lorida has an improbable new “farmer-in-chief,” a 40-year-old Miami-raised Jewish lawyer.

Nicole “Nikki” Fried, who will become the state’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, won her first political race just as improbably: by picking a fight with the National Rifle Association and its iconic state lobbyist — a 79-year-old grandma who carries a gun in her pocketbook. And as she takes office, Fried shows no signs of letting up on the NRA.

In the days leading up to the November 6 midterm election, Fried’s race was overshadowed by the effort of Democrat Andrew Gillum, the dynamic young African-American mayor of Tallahassee, to become governor; and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s attempt to hold his seat for the Democrats.

Both lost, while Fried narrowly won …Read the Rest

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