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By Jacki Billings

The AA-12 ships with one 20-round drum magazine. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)
The AA-12 has graced the screens of video games, movie and television appearing on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto as well The Expendables, G.I. Joe and even the AMC breakout Breaking Bad. Though its recognizable design has been a staple in military and warfare entertainment, the design has a history steeped in difficulties.
The creators of the AA-12 shotgun have fought an uphill battle for decades trying to bring the gun to the consumer market. Finally, after 30 years, the AA-12 is finally ready to wage war on consumers. The design first began its transition into the marketplace in 1987 after Jerry Baber bought the rights to the gun from Max Atchisson. Baber handed the idea over to Bill Stiles and Boje Cornils to bring it to fruition. Stiles and Baber were well acquainted and Stiles boasted a background in materials, a skillset Baber thought would make him useful to the project.
Stiles enlisted the help of German-born engineering and machining expert Cornils who brought mechanical know-how to the project.
“Boje Cornils is actually the true architect of what we know as the AA-12 today and co-owner of the weapon;


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