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By Tom Knighton

Seattle’s gun tax is a failure. Not only has it basically done nothing to curb gun violence, but it actually lost the city money. Most people with a fully-functional brain would look at this information and decide that maybe, just maybe, they should repeal the idiotic tax.

But not Seattle’s politicians. Instead, they just double down on the stupid.

Jon Grant, who is running against Teresa Mosqueda for the seat being vacated Tim Burgess, says Seattle is being hit hard by gun violence and the gun industry needs to be held accountable.

Grant says doubling the tax to $50 a gun and 10 cents per round of ammunition would beef up the research funding and ensure the gun industry shoulder’s some of the costs of gun violence.

Grant is vying for the seat previously held by someone who pushed through the tax in the first place, so this will probably help. Frankly, that’s a sad commentary on Seattle voter’s gullibility among other things. Further, if Grant wins and proposes this, there’s no reason to believe it doesn’t stand a good chance of actually passing.

However, there’s so many ways this is a …Read the Rest

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