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The following article was written by Martin Gottesfeld exclusively for Bearing Arms. In 2014, he defended the life of Justina Pelletier and the rights of her parents. In 2016, Gottesfeld was subsequently arrested and held without bail by the Obama administration.

Imagine you see a young, disabled girl being attacked in broad daylight by a group of adults. You recognize the assailants and know they’ve struck before. Now, the offenders have already paralyzed their latest victim below the waist and there’s little time to spare. There’s no help coming from law enforcement, and even if you did call them, you also know the attackers are so well-connected that law enforcement wouldn’t dare touch them for fear of their livelihood.

Nervous, but determined to do the right thing, you pull out your weapon.

Clearly brandishing, you call out a direct warning to let the girl go immediately. They acknowledge your statement, but refuse to comply, leaving you no other option and little time.

You aim and fire.

Afterward, the girl is no longer in immediate danger, but thanks to the perpetrators she’ll never walk again and she faces a long, arduous road towards an incomplete convalescence. The perpetrators, on the other …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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