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By Laura Burgess

Thirteen years of dedicated law enforcement and security duty turn Ohioan, Dave Krueger, into an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people.

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Dave Krueger, Founder of Uniqative

Allthe “would-have, should-have, could-haves” combined with years of street presence creates a different cop, one that never leaves the force in spirit. One such cop is Dave Krueger. Throughout his thirteen-year career in law enforcement and as a Marine Patrol Officer, Dave saw it all, the best and worst of humanity.

As a Search and Rescue officer, Dave worked side-by-side with the local Coast Guard Station and when historic flooding hit the Ohio River in 1997, Dave was appalled at the lack of preparation residents had who lived in the flood zone. Panicked people, old and young, and pets were forced on their roofs where rescue operations could retrieve them. Relieved to be rescued, none of them were prepared for the often long wait until a rescue boat or helicopter could move them to safety. Dave had his first ah-ha moment then.

As a part-time police officer, while serving on a domestic violence call, Dave suffered a career-ending injury. Years from retirement, Dave took from his previous experience as …Read the Rest

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