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By Tom Knighton

Guns are a rich and vibrant part of the American South’s culture. Once upon a time, having a firearm handy in the home was kind of like having a bed somewhere in the house. It was just expected and considered abnormal if it wasn’t there. Even men of God had firearms. I know, because I have a .32 revolver that was once my grandfather’s, a Free Will Baptist minister.

But just because guns are still a common thing down this way doesn’t mean some Southerners aren’t complete idiots when it comes to them.

Like this guy.

According to court records, Samuel Glen Coon Jr. is accused of firing a semiautomatic handgun in front of several people on or around the 1300 block of Parnell Street in West Monroe back in May. That’s just a couple of blocks from West Monroe High School and within its firearm-free zone. According to witnesses, someone asked Coon what a handgun sounded like when it was fired, so he pointed it upward and fired it. Witnesses say that Coon also had an AR-15 on his back at this time.

In August, Coon was also accused of firing a gun near Good Hope Middle School, which is …Read the Rest

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