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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Tony A. writes:

My father passed away this January 1. As is common with many sons and fathers, we had our share of conflicts. We loved each other, sure, but plenty of scar tissue was left on both sides. One thing we did do where there was no conflict was rabbit hunting. Dad had a gift for being able to sneak up on rabbits and put me in the perfect position for when they bolted. He was a beagle, pointer and retriever all in one . . .

Time passed, I grew up, and he grew old. Health issues finally took him on New Years. The last coherent conversation I had with him was at 3:00 a.m. at the hospital about a week before he died. For a few brief, wonderful minutes, he was there. Of all things, he started talking about hunting for rabbits. It was a gift to me, and I knew it.

A few weeks ago I was at my parents’ house, and Mom asked if I would please take Dad’s shotgun, as he would want me to have it. I didn’t even realize he still had one, let alone his old rabbit gun.

I now have two boys of …read more

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