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By Bob Owens

The author at Gunsite Academy's  Defense Against Street Crimes class earlier this year.

The author at Gunsite Academy’s Defense Against Street Crimes class earlier this year.

I’ve discovered that middle age is when all the stuff you did when you were younger starts catching up with you. My shooting-side shoulder is the most recent part of my body to communicate its displeasure with the way I’ve treated it over the years, which led me to getting an MRI yesterday morning.

While there, the conversation with the MRI technician turned towards firearms, and more specifically, her Glock 26 and her brand new concealed carry permit.

She wasn’t very happy with her gun—she preferred the slightly less robust recoil on her husband’s larger G19—and didn’t feel comfortable carrying her gun yet. The only training she’d had was a brief one-on-one session with her husband’s friend, who is a part-time instructor of some sort. She wanted training that would be relevant to her needs and current skill set. I congratulated her for recognizing that she needed more training, and we had a conversation about where she might be able to start her journey. We’re very blessed to have a lot of local training talent in the Raleigh-to-Fayetteville corridor, and so I sent her to a very reputable …Read the Rest

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