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By G. Halek

If you’re interested in becoming a concealed carrier, walking into the gun store can be a real wild ride. Each gun clerk is going to have a slightly different opinion on what makes a great first concealed carry handgun. It’s up to you to decide what works right for you.

A big problem, as I see it, is that most gun stores don’t allow the customer to try a gun before buying. Some gun stores do. For someone interested in purchasing his first concealed carry pistol, I recommend shopping at a gun store that let’s you try before you buy.

There’s a wide price range in concealed carry pistols. New, right out of the box, the average market is between $350 and $800.

Under $250 Concealed Carry Pistols

If you don’t mind carrying a heavier, bulkier pistol that has mixed reviews across the market, there’s always the Jiminez Arms JA 380 or JA 9. Clunky, heavy, and contested on long lasting durability, carrying one of these usually only sets back the average gun owner about $200.

And then there is the HI-Point 9. About an ounce lighter than the JA 9, it’s what I would imagine Walmart would make if Walmart decided to make guns. …Read the Rest

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