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By G. Halek

This isn’t just a question for people who carry concealed handguns everyday but more of a general question. We’ve gotten this question in our inbox countless times and figured there needs to be an article to address it. It’s not just the number of magazines you carry on your person or in your car or in your home — it’s how many rounds do you have for your concealed carry handgun?

Well, I’ll kick this off and give my own personal opinion. I keep 1,000 rounds of full metal jacketed rounds stocked for my primary concealed carry pistol. In a different article, I discussed the decision my wife and I made to paring down our pistols to just one caliber. That ended up not holding up for reasons explained in that article.

No Gold Standard For Pistol Ammo Stores

The 1,000 round mark isn’t some gold standard. Different people, different circumstances, different levels of preparation will all factor into whatever number that becomes for you.

At 1,000 rounds, I know that I conservatively have at least a 6 month supply of FMJ on hand at all times. That number can grow or shrink slightly but it hovers right around there.

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