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By Bob Owens


Every once in a great while, I find myself tractionless when looking at a breaking news story, and that’s where I am with the officer-involved shooting death of concealed carrier Philandro Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota last night. Castile was pulled over for by a St. Anthony police officer. For reasons we still don’t have explained, the officer who made the traffic stop interpreted a movement made by Castile as a deadly force threat, and opened fire.

The immediate aftermath of the officer’s actions were graphically captured in a Facebook Live video streamed from Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, as he lay dying in the car beside her.

I’m sure we’ll have people analyze every aspect of Castile’s life for character faults, but he has no felony record, and the fact that he had a concealed carry permit is proof that he had never been convicted of any serious crimes. He had a steady job at the same employer (a Montessori school) for over a decade, and was a productive member of society.

Now he’s dead, for no easily discernable reason.

Reynolds claims that Castile was shot four times by the St. Anthony police officer while Castile was …Read the Rest

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