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By Dean Weingarten

How Many Guns Do The Yellow Vests In France Have?


How Many Guns Do The Yellow Vests In France Have?

Arizona -( -There is a mass movement in France that is spreading around the world. The French government of President Macron is reeling. The protests have been successful in stopping implementation of a “green” tax on fuel. Police have been out in mass.

How many guns do the Yellow Vests have? They are probably not carrying any, by choice. They have plenty of guns available. The situation and tactics do not call for them.

The Small Arms Survey estimates how many guns are in private hands around the world. France has about 20 privately owned firearms per 100 people[compare that to 120 per person in the U.S.]. Of those, two thirds are unregistered and thus, illegal.

Hunting is popular in rural France. Target shooting and collecting account for about 4.5 million guns. Small Arms Survey lists 8.2 million guns as illegally owned. Many of those are guns that were squirreled away from the wars that have swept over France during the last century. The vast majority of guns in France are in the hands of the population represented by the Yellow Vests, which …Read the Rest

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