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By Tom Knighton

Democrats have demonized the National Rifle Association to such a degree lately that it’s almost laughable. The NRA is the organization that is far more likely to sit down and work out their differences with politicians of all stripes, to try and find common ground in an effort to help protect the Second Amendment while also working to solve whatever problems exist.

Still, Democrats have demonized them and made them out to be some kind of boogieman for the left, all while ignoring that if the NRA went away, someone else would simply take their place. They forget that much of the NRA’s power rests in the millions of members who support it.

Meanwhile, the NRA’s financial woes have been well-documented. They’re in a bit of trouble.

And it looks like House Democrats may just be the ones to save the NRA. And, of all people, it’s Michael Bloomberg who points it out.

The National Rifle Association may be about to reap a bounty from an unlikely source: congressional Democrats.

If history is any guide, a Democratic push for gun control measures once the party assumes control of the House of Representatives in January would send money pouring into the NRA’s coffers …Read the Rest

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