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By Rob Morse

State By State Constitutional Carry Status

By Rob Morse : Research

State By State Constitutional Carry Status
Slow Facts

USA –-( Thirty states issue concealed carry permits to the law abiding citizens who ask for them.

Two third of us live in those “shall-issue” states where we were issued 14 million permits to carry a firearm in public.

We paid to exercise that “human right.”

The state mandated fees and training requirements vary widely from state to state. The states that imposed more hours of training also imposed high fees. Ordinary citizens responded to those costs in predictable ways.

Millions of us were discouraged from legal concealed carry due to the costs and restrictions.

CCW Rates vs Fees
CCW Rates vs Fees

Politicians impose all kinds of requirements before citizens receive permission to carry a concealed firearm in public. The common excuse is public safety, and there is always another infringement that can be rationalized to make us safer. There is no evidence that these infringements actually reduce crime. Those of us with our permits today paid over 4 billion dollars and spent …Read the Rest

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