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By Rob Morse

How Do We Stop Mass Shootings


How Do We Stop Mass Shootings

USA – -( After the murders at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, I keep seeing this question on Quora and other social media; ‘How do we stop mass murder?’

Most of the people asking this question feel strongly about things they don’t understand. They have not studied the issues of physical defense or contemporary mental health. I’m sorry to give them the bad news, but there is no magic button to fix the human condition.

We can not eliminate mass murder, but we can reduce it.

  1. We grew mass murderers after we developed mass media. Stop rewarding narcissistic murderers with a billion dollars of publicity.
  2. Almost all mass murders are in so-called “gun-free” zones. Make the government strictly liable for every injury in a government-mandated “gun-free” zone.
  3. Make owners/operators strictly liable for every injury in a privately mandated “gun-free” zones.

I’m tempted to add that we should hold bureaucrats responsible for the crazy people they release back into society, but we have never found a way to hold bureaucrats accountable. To claim that would be a solution is magical thinking and this isn’t an article about fantasy fiction.

The three things I mentioned won’t end the problem of mass murder, but they …Read the Rest

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