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By G. Halek

This is a very sensitive topic amongst gun owners and concealed carriers alike: mental health issues. And, in specific, depression is a prevailing and common ailment. Without oversimplifying or understating it, if you are experiencing the effects of what you believe to be a mental health problem, you shouldn’t fear seeking help.

I have a bit of background in this topic because I served in the military and dealt with issues with friends, family, and myself. My biggest fear in initially getting treatment was information theft. In an age where information is very readily tracked and passed around, I was frightened that my treatment for depression or other mental ailments could result in a medical record that could be passed around or potentially used to blackmail me.

Ultimately, I made the decision to seek help for my depression because I needed to be there for my own family and I couldn’t do that if I was operating at half strength.

Has a person’s mental health record been used against him in court to rule he doesn’t have the right to possess firearms? Yes.

In those cases, we typically see someone who makes verbal claims of violence against himself or others.

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