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By Donald J. Mihalek

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The arrival of COVID-19 the shores of America provoked a number of different responses. Much of the nation focused on ensuring front line responders had the personnel protective gear needed to keep them and patients safe. However, others took the COVID-19 as an opportunity to advocate for the release violent criminals onto the streets of America.


US Law Enforcement Facing Unprecedented Challenges During COVID-19

COVID-19 as It Relates to Releasing Criminals

Law enforcement already faces a number of challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union and 14 ACLU affiliates sent letters to the federal government and state and local officials across the country. The letters outlined immediate actions they wanted government officials to take. Why? Allegedly to protect those involved in the criminal legal system. The ACLU touted certain inmates as particularly vulnerable to the pandemic.

ACLU Recommendations

  • Governors to grant commutations to anyone identified by the CDC as particularly vulnerable whose sentence would end in the next two years, to anyone whose sentence would end in the next year, and to anyone currently being held on a technical (crimeless) supervision violation.
  • Police to stop arresting people for minor offenses; this …Read the Rest

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