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By Tom Knighton

Over the weekend, my attention was drawn to an op-ed at the San Francisco Chronicle. Ostensibly, it sounds rather pro-gun, oddly enough. A newspaper editor having a gun for protection and all that. Unfortunately, there are some “facts” about the story that don’t add up. I’m sorry, but I’m going to call BS, even if you’re making a point I make all the time.

Take, for example, this tidbit:

I had come to Oakland from Texas, where having guns was part of the culture. When you go to a church or a bar in Texas, you usually see a sign saying “Leave your guns outside.” I bought mine at a gun show, with no background check, just cash on the barrel, so to speak. I took a gun safety class and started to target-shoot for a hobby. I got pretty good. Eventually, I became an instructor in gun safety and taught classes on weekends.

That is a leftist talking point that has no basis in reality.

Either the writer, Christine Lavin, is lying or she bought it from a private individual who also happened to be at the gun show. Since the vast majority of gun show sales are from dealers …Read the Rest

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