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By Tom Knighton

A buyback program in San Francisco is convinced it’s making the world safer for everyone. After all, they took a whole lot of guns off the street.

Now, often a buyback program gets a lot of non-functional guns that aren’t worth what’s being paid. They also get a few quality guns that someone doesn’t want anymore.

However, sometimes, they get played.

Police in San Francisco took in 187 weapons during a gun buy-back Saturday morning.

The four-hour event, hosted by United Playaz, yielded 57 pistols, 44 revolvers, 11 assault weapons and three shotguns. One of those shotguns was homemade.

Now, if you watch the video at the original post, you’ll see the homemade shotgun was little more than a piece of pipe attached to a piece of wood with wire ties. I’m not sure if there was anything internal to the gun, even. It had a pipe cap on the end where the breach would be. I don’t even see how to load the damn thing.

In other words, its greatest value as a weapon is probably serving as a poor excuse for a club.

See, what happens is that some will look at these buybacks, figure they have a quick way to make …Read the Rest

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