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By Ammoland

Adam Lankford Mass Shooting Data Flaws Highlighted

U.S. Rate is Lower than Global Average.
by John Lott

How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings

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Adam Lankford Mass Shooting Data Flaws Highlighted

“Because of faulty research, it is widely believed that a disproportionate share – 31% – of the world’s mass public shooters occurred in the United States,” said Professor Paul Rubin, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Economics, Emory University. “In fact, John Lott’s careful analysis of a very large data set – 437 – pages – shows that the proper number is about 2%, less than the U.S. share of world population. One can only hope that this important research will correct the record.”

Professor Carl Moody, College of William & Mary offered the following: “This is an important paper. The assertion that the US is responsible for 31 percent of worldwide mass shooters is patently absurd. Anyone who doubts the veracity of Dr. Lott’s analysis is welcome to download, for free and in Excel format, the entire Global Terrorism Database ( There they will find, with a simple back of the envelope calculation, that worldwide since 1970 there have been 58,445 mass …Read the Rest

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