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By Robert Farago

Houston Zoo No Gun Sign (courtesy

“The Houston Zoo (HZI) is reinstating signs that prohibit the carry of guns into the facility, less than three months after being forced to take them down,” reports. HZI removed the signs when Texas Law Shield pointed out that the zoo sits on land owned by the city of Houston, a fact that rendered its “no guns” policy illegal. The zoo uses the following logic to justify its decision to re-require its visitors to leave their gets behind . . .

After consultation with legal counsel, the Houston Zoo, Inc. has concluded that Texas government code does not prohibit HZI from lawfully posting signs that ban weapons from its premises because HZI is – at its core – an educational institution ,” Wallace wrote Tuesday.

The zoo says that it is considered an educational institution, and therefore exempts it from having to legally allow gun-carriers through the gates.

“Given the mission of the zoo and the presence of hundreds of thousands of children on its campus, it is clear that guns and zoos simply do not mix,” Wallace wrote.“Texas law recognizes that weapons are not compatible with the education of our youth and prohibits weapons …Read the Rest

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