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By Tom Knighton

By now, most of the gun world has seen or heard about a recent shootout in Houston. A group of armed men entered an individual’s home. For their trouble, three of the men were killed and two others wounded in the vicious gunfight.

Reports of the shootout are minimal.

Police said three men are dead and two others are in a hospital after a homeowner shot them during a possible home invasion in east Houston.

A shootout occurred just before 1 a.m. on Sherman Street near 71st Street, as the homeowner responded to five men who allegedly tried to break in, according to Houston police.

One man was left dead in front of the house, at least one wounded man took off on foot and the others left in an SUV, police said.

From what I can gather, the five men entered the home in the early morning hours and found hell waiting for them.

They then pulled out of the house where they continued to open fire. It’s unclear whether the homeowner continued to return that fire or not, though there’s little doubt he’d have been justified to do so.

One suspect fled on foot and later died while the others took the …Read the Rest

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