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By Robert Farago

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Facebook is removing any and all pages that promote or enable private firearms sales — regardless of the legality of those sales. Zuckerberg’s minions have extended that ban to firearms dealers. We hope this is an oversight; these dealers submit all purchasers to a federal background check, either at their location or via another federal firearms licensee. And that was the point of the original ban: to engender “universal background checks” by eliminating pages where gun sales might forgo the process. The question is . . .

will Facebook extend the ban further to any and all pages that “promote” firearms sales by their very nature? That’s a serious prospect; a move that would mark a fundamental turning point for Facebook, The People of the Gun and free speech.

In terms of free speech, we must remember that Facebook is a private enterprise. The First Amendment — like the Second — only protects citizens from government infringement on their natural right to speak freely. Just as TTAG is within its rights to delete comments the editors consider offensive, Facebook is within its rights to delete pages.

In terms of Facebook, if they decide to remove entire categories of pages — be it firearms, …Read the Rest

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