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By Robert Farago


Drawing in a sea of unopened emails, TTAG put out a SOS for a capable brand fan to assume the newly created role of Email Editor. We received an embarrassment of riches: over 80 responses. The vast majority of our applicants were completely qualified for the position; we thank all aspiring Editors for their time and expertise. As TTAG expands, we’ll be going back to our well of talent for more team members. After much folding, spindling and a little mutilation, we’re happy to welcome . . .

Josh Wayner to the TTAG team. Josh is a 2013 graduate of Michingan’s Grand Valley State University with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Research and Minor in Anthropology. He lives in The Mitten State with his lovely young bride.

Josh has seen every angle of the shooting industry firsthand. He’s run a gun businesses, designed new parts and systems, and written on a variety of industry topics. He competes at every available opportunity, winning thirteen medals at the Camp Perry’s CMP games — where he gets chewed-out for shooting barefoot (by older people wearing mismatched camo and three-layered sweaters in ninety degree heat). Josh intends to use his degree …Read the Rest

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