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By Robert Farago

Robert Farago, publisher, The Truth About Guns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG will have a brand new website soon. Same basic blog format and comment functionality, only cleaner, faster and shinier. While we regularly update our site to keep up with the internet gestalt, our readers have made it clear that our current site is kludgy and worse. The new site will solve a lot of the problems bedeviling the Armed Intelligentsia, but please be aware . . .

that the redirects and autoplay audio ads are an ad server issue. We depend on our ad supplier to fix these annoyances. If an ad causes a problem please email with the words REDIRECT or AD SUCKS in the subject bar. If you can send us a screen grab or at least ID the ad we’d be much obliged.

Meanwhile, we’re also working on creating TTAG emails. With a choice of frequency and easy opt-out, of course.

TTAG emails will be unique to each reader, delivering content depending on your interests and the articles you read. Security sensitive readers will note that this system requires user tracking. I want to assure you that TTAG does not and will never share your email or IP address with anyone else, ever. That is our solemn …Read the Rest

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