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By Tom Knighton

From the moment it was announced that Democrats had taken control of the House, we all knew it was coming. Today, the House will vote on a gun control bill, the first since in a very long while.

Lori Haas couldn’t contain her frustration the last time Congress voted on expanding background checks for gun purchases.

“Shame on you!” she shouted at senators in 2013 when a bill to extend background checks to private transactions at gun shows and over the internet failed.

Haas, whose daughter survived two bullet wounds to the head during the shooting massacre on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007, will have a different reaction when the House votes Wednesday on similar legislation.

That bill, along with another extending the time a dealer has to wait for a response from the background check system before completing a sale, is expected to pass the Democrat-led House.

“It’s about time,” Haas said.

The legislation is not, however, likely to be brought up for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.

No, it’s not.

However, Haas’s earlier outrage betrays a fundamental breakdown in the thinking of anti-gun activists. You see, I get that she’s upset over her daughter’s shooting. A lot …Read the Rest

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