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By Tom Knighton

Democrats are desperate to push gun control forward while they have the majority in the House. However, anyone with half a brain knows that, despite their best efforts, Democrats don’t have a hope in hell of getting anything passed beyond there, especially with the deep partisan divide that has taken hold of our nation.

To get anything done, Democrats are going to have to woo some Republicans over to their side, and that’s precisely what they’re trying to do.

Democratic supporters who helped sweep in a new class of lawmakers promising a gun law overhaul might have to wait longer than they’d like for that agenda to materialize in the form of bills.

While Democrats wrestled back the majority in the House, Republicans still control the Senate, and Donald Trump is still in the Oval Office.

That doesn’t mean Democrats won’t try to win over some Republicans who have expressed interest in tackling a few gun law issues, such as outlawing bump stocks and closing a loophole that allows private arms vendors to sell guns without federal regulation.

I am going to break in here to point out a flaw.

“Private arms vendors” sound like dealers who are skipping out on doing background …Read the Rest

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