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By Dean Weingarten

Virginia State Delegate Patrick A Hope

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Virginia Democrat Patrick A. Hope boasts that he is using the Virgina incident to push for universal background checks (UBC), a precursor to gun registration, not because it would have prevented the crime, but because it is the gun control he can pass. Patrick Hope is a Virginia Democrat Assembly member. From

“I chose background checks, not because it would have prevented (the Virginia shooting) but because this would be easiest to pass,” Hope said. “We will not be able to prevent every single incident. We need to do something.”

The irrationality of the position was not lost on the commenters. Todd Lewis wrote this:

Paraphrased: I propose this-or-that law not because it’s any sort of realistic or probable solution to the situation I’m disingenuously using as a springboard, but instead, because the polls indicate it’s the gun control legislation that we have the best chance of getting passed and I am willing to climb atop bloody bodies and tout this plan as long as I get what I want… control.

It is this sort of cogent comment that changes the minds of people …read more

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