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By Jacki Billings

Allegations surrounding the Honor Guard’s drop safety have reignited conversations regarding the gun industry’s regulations. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
A YouTube video showing the Honor Defense Honor Guard discharging after being struck with a hammer has revived conversations regarding industry standards.
The video posted by Patrick Roberts of The Firearm Rack caused some controversy late last week after Roberts was shown smacking his personally owned Honor Guard pistol with a nylon tipped hammer. Pulling the method from the Indiana State Police Forensic Firearms Identification Unit, Roberts said the hammer test is a less brutal way to examine potential drop safety issues in pistols. The result of Roberts’ hammer test was a discharge of a primed case previously loaded in the firearm.
President of Honor Defense Gary Ramey sat down with, explaining that the company was blind-sided by the video. “We saw the video at the same time as everybody else,” Ramey said. “It was just last week right before Christmas we saw it and first thing we did was take stock of what our next steps needed to be.”
Ramey added the company immediately set wheels in motion to explore the allegations and get to the bottom of the situation. “We reached out to


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