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By Tom Knighton

While the Honor Guard’s issue with drops isn’t nearly as widespread a controversy as it was when Sig had a similar issue with the P320, it’s still a thing. How big of a deal it is remains to be seen.

However, when a popular blog that allegedly failed to act on a story regarding the failure has two editors “retire” just hours apart, one can’t help but wonder just how significant that part of the issue is.

Honor Defense, who makes the pistols, however, remained silent. Now, they’re not.

Georgia-based firearm maker Honor Defense is standing behind their flagship offering, the single stack Honor Guard 9mm pistol, amid calls that it is unsafe.

In response to a round of YouTube videos circulating this week which show Honor Guard pistols discharging after being dropped or hit with a hammer at certain angles, the company says they have always complied with industry testing standards to include drop and jar tests performed internally and by an outside lab.

“Any firearm can discharge when dropped. Like any user of a firearm, users of Honor Defense’s products must handle firearms in a safe manner,” says the company, going on to warn that, “No one should attempt …Read the Rest

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