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By Chris Eger

The new Honor Defense Pro9 has a ported barrel, 10+1 capacity, flat trigger, and a gold barrel. (Photos: Honor Defense)
Georgia-based Honor Defense says they have a new handgun inbound, complete with a ported slide and flat trigger– the Pro9.
Describing the new offering as “Sexy and accurate,” the Pro9 has a higher capacity than the company’s HG9 series. While the legacy HG9 offers a 7- or 8-round magazine, the Pro9 comes standard with two 10+1 capacity extended mags.
Further, in addition to the ported slide, the Pro9 sports a gold barrel as well as a new gold flat-faced “tactical trigger.”
The Pro9 will be offered in both a compact version with a 3.8-inch barrel and a sub-compact 3.2-inch barrel. As with the rest of the company’s handguns, the Pro9 is 100% made-in-the-USA and assembled by Veterans. Further, the pistol will have a polished stainless-steel chassis with a crowned barrel.
The Pro9 is expected to start shipping in April
The Pro9 is backed by the lifetime warranty, and no trigger-pull or tools are needed for disassembly. The gun is ambidextrous and is billed as having a snag-free design.
The pistol G42/43 sights and Hyve extensions fit the magazines. MSRP is not available and the Pro9 is expected


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