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By John Crump

Marijuana and Guns
Honolulu Police Demand Medical Marijuana Users Turn Over Their Firearms

U.S.A.-( Russ Belville of “The Marijuana Agenda” podcast made a disturbing discovery to might violate not only the second amendment, but it might also violate the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996″ (HIPAA).

The Honolulu Police Department has started sending out letters in mid-November to patients that are being treated by doctors with medical marijuana. These letters informed them that they have 30 days to turn in or transfer their firearms and ammunition or be in violation of the law.

Medical Marijuana is legal in Hawaii.

According to state law, the database that police used to compile the list of patients who were prescribed marijuana was put into place so that police could verify if a person who was in possession of marijuana had a medical need for the drug. It was never attended for the database to be used by police to identify medical marijuana users proactively. It is unclear if the police violated Hawaiian law by using the database to send the letters asking for the surrender of the patient’s guns.

It is also unclear if this unattended use of …Read the Rest

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