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By Jennifer Cruz

A Tennessee homeowner who encountered two escaped inmates last week minutes before they were captured after more than two days on the run, briefly spoke with the media Friday to clear up some things which he says have been blown out of proportion.
In a brief statement, 35-year-old Patrick Hale, confirmed that while he was armed, in contrast to what has been widely reported, he never had to draw his weapon when he encountered the inmates who were wanted for the murder of two Georgia corrections officers.
“We ended up with the best possible scenario compared to every other family that was affected by these two guys,” Hale told reporters as he stood with his wife, Danielle, and the couple’s young daughter.
Several hours before Hale’s encounter with escaped inmates Ricky Dubose and Donnie Russell Rowe, the duo broke into an elderly couple’s home, tied them up, and held them captive for three hours before leaving with the couple’s cell phones and Jeep.
As Dubose and Rowe were leaving the elderly couple’s home, a Tennessee state trooper was headed to the home for a welfare check. The chance encounter prompted a 10-mile chase, at the end of which the pair wrecked the Jeep.
After wrecking


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