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By John Falkenberg

CORBETT, OR — A man in Corbett, Oregon was surprised to find not one, but two cougars right in front him early on the morning of July 31, KGW 8 reports.

What’s worse, the cougars weren’t afraid of him, and there were children nearby and very potentially in danger.

He knew he had to act, even if he didn’t want to.

As KGW 8 reports:

David Callister told KGW he was walking from a home on Larch Mountain Road to a trailer where he stays when he almost stepped on the tail of what turned out to be a cougar under his pickup truck. Callister yelled at the cougar and was given a loud hiss in return. It was not spooked, which surprised and alarmed him.

“It was staring me down,” he said.

He knew two girls were sleeping in the house and felt the need to be proactive and secure the property. Other children lived in the neighborhood, as well and pets and farm animals, he said. He got a rifle and came back out. There were two cougars and “one was starting to tear into the chicken coop,” he said. So after warning shots, he shot and killed both.

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