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By James England

GLENDALE, ARIZONA — A homeowner awoke to the sound of two intruders entering his home. One of the intruders grabbed his legs and asked him where his gun was located. Before he answered, he was hit in the head with a hammer and the two intruders took off.

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“I woke up,” the homeowner said. “The dude was standing in front of me, holding my legs, asking me where my gun was. I realized it was right next to me. I grabbed it, pointed it at him and started yelling at him. Should have shot him but he took off running.”

Unfortunately, by this time, he had already been struck in the head with a hammer.

I would like to point out that the homeowner held his fire while the intruder was fleeing the scene. That is absolutely correct. If a dangerous threat retreats, he’s considered neutralized. Unless he is shooting at you while fleeing or otherwise attempting to inflict harm upon you, you can’t shoot him.

So, the homeowner had the uncomfortable dilemma of having to wake to full consciousness and deal with a life or death situation. He hesitated and the bad guys escaped.

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