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By James England

SUMNER COUNTY, TENNESSEE — Sumner county deputies confirmed that a homeowner was shot and killed in an ensuing gun battle after he discovered a window in his home had been broken and he went inside to investigate. Once inside, deputies pieced together that the homeowner discovered a man who had been suspected of robbing a bank in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A gun fight broke out and both subjects were killed.

This entire story had been reconstructed from the crime scene as county deputies responded to neighbors who had come to check up on their friend whom they had expected to meet later in the day for fireworks and a barbecue. According to the Tennessean, once they discovered their friend dead on the ground, they contacted authorities promptly.

Sumner County Sheriff Sonny Weatherford spoke to the Tennessean and told the news about how deputies figured out what likely went on. The homeowner was a truck driver who had just returned home and it looks like the bank robber was looking for an easy score in an empty residence.

Both encountered each other roughly in a short period of time.

Gun battles at close range are extremely fatal for all parties involved. Chances are …Read the Rest

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