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By James England

TACOMA, WASHINGTON — Recent legislation proposed in the Washington Senate would require Washington gun owners to obtain firearms insurance. As Sen. Maralyn Chase insists, the measure would place another level of liability onto the gun owner for any damage caused by the firearm.

Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds) via

“I fully believe in Second Amendment rights, however, with those rights come great responsibilities,” Chase said. “We see the destructive power of guns almost nightly on the news and yet we do not require gun owners to have any type of liability insurance. Requiring liability insurance may cause an irresponsible gun owner to exercise extra care in preventing firearm-related accidents, especially in tragic accidents involving children.”

While politicians were quick to dismiss this added layer of liability, it’s worth noting that the State of Washington is already pursuing rather extreme limitations on firearms for Washington residents.

California continues to creep North.

Washington once had very liberal standards for gun ownership. Handguns could be openly carried without a permit (and still can), there were no restrictions on what types of handguns or rifles could be purchased or possessed, and no limitations on magazines.

This recent legislative year has seen a wave of bills which would seek …Read the Rest

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