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By Tyler Kee


A few years back, a coworker awoke to a guy climbing through his bathroom window. Not surprising, considering that he lived on the ground level of a building in an area of town that was in the process of urban revitalization. He came to work the next day and asked me if I thought he should get a gun. To which I replied . . .

“Maybe?” with a shrug of the shoulders. We chatted a bit about how much fun I have shooting guns, but we also touched on the ethical and legal implications of assuming responsibility for your own safety. We both decided that gun ownership was certainly in the future for him, but not right for right now. As an interim solution, he bought a canister of pepper spray and a sturdy bat. He declined to take action on the third piece of advice I gave, getting a security system or a dog. I guess he didn’t take me seriously because I didn’t have a dog at the time.

My wife and I are both pretty granola when it comes to animals. I grew up in a house filled with strays including several abused/neglected rescue horses. At the time …read more

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