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By John Falkenberg

Glock 19 holster with a spare mag

Let’s take a look at the Osborne Holsters TacticalRig IWB + Mag.

Now, before I get deep into this review, I have one heck of an apology to make, and a “thank you” that is twice as large.

Osborn is a fantastic company, and I let them down. This holster was provided to me an age and a half ago, and I have worn it extensively — but in getting the review to you, the reading public, I flat-out dropped the ball.

Until now, anyway, which brings us to the easiest part of the review, and the “SparkNotes” of the piece: buy with confidence when you buy Osborn.

These are good people creating quality equipment at quality prices. I have, to date, worn four different holsters of theirs, and there’s a reason why I recommend Osborn to my friends first.

First, let’s talk quality. The TacticalRig IWB is one of the first holsters I ever purchased, long before I started writing for this site. I bought a P-64 and couldn’t find a holster I could be happy with for that less-than-common carry piece.

It’s scary how a firearm can disappear on your hip when you’ve got the right firearm in the right holster, …Read the Rest

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