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By Dan Zimmerman

Tonight on @wbaltv11: A man with an AR-15 has been showing up for weeks to a school bus drop off for local elementary school students.
Parents say their kids are afraid, the man says he’s protesting @GovWesMoore’s new gun control law. You’ll hear from both sides at 5+6pm.
— Tolly Taylor (@TollyTaylor) May 18, 2023

What’s so unsettling about this Maryland incident, though, is that the adoption of a neutral stance [by reporters] legitimizes antisocial behavior and presents it as a fair form of “protest.” This guy does not have to point the gun at anyone for it to serve its purpose.
Continue reading Holmes: It’s Outrageous When Journalists Objectively Present Stories About Guns and Gun Owners at The Truth About Guns.

Source: The Truth About Guns

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