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By Ammoland

WYGO gun rights voter guide
WYGO gun rights voter guide

Wyoming – -( For weeks now, Wyoming Gun Owners has been informing our members and other gun owners in House District 58 about Rep. Patrick Sweeney’s horrible record on the Second Amendment.

As a reminder, Rep. Sweeney is one of just a handful of lawmakers who VOTED NO on HB 137, legislation which would have ended deadly ‘gun free zones’ in government buildings here in Wyoming.

More than that, Sweeney is on the record as supporting Michael Bloomberg’s signature legislative agenda, universal firearms registration!

Sweeney also backs Constitution-shredding ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ which allow you to have your firearms seized via secret court proceedings that you can’t even attend!

I could go on and on.

Of course, if you have spoken with Rep. Sweeney lately, he would deny all of this and tell you that he’s a champion for the Second Amendment.

That’s why, in addition to our direct mail and social media efforts designed to give gun owners the facts in House District 58, WYGO volunteers spent all day yesterday in and around Casper, exposing the real Patrick Sweeney!

(WYGO volunteers spent all day Saturday going door to door dodging rain storms and making sure that gun owners knew about Patrick …Read the Rest

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