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By Chris Eger

The first completed batch of M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifles (SDMR) is headed out of HK’s Columbus Georgia facility after being born at Oberndorf. (Photo: HK-USA)
Heckler & Koch announced Thursday the first batch of Squad Designated Marksman Rifles left the HK-USA facility in Georgia, headed for the U.S. Army.
The platform, designated the SDMR in military service, is a variant of HK’s 7.62 mm NATO G28/HK417. The base rifles are produced at HK’s factory at Oberndorf, Germany then shipped to the States where HK-USA workers in Columbus, Georgia install optics and accessories drawn from a dozen U.S.-based manufacturers.
The M110A1 SDMR variant in all its glory, complete with HK German roll marks, offset backup sights, a Geissele mount, suppressor, bipod and Sig Tango6 optic. (Photo: U.S. Army)
HK-USA President and COO Michael Holley, in a statement, stressed that the company is working through obstacles presented by recent events to deliver the rifles to the military.
“Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic creates and very challenging business environment,” said Holley. “But as an essential partner in the defense infrastructure of this country, we are 100 percent committed to delivering this essential product to our troops, while keeping our employees safe and healthy.”
This shipment headed to Uncle Sam


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