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By Nick Leghorn


Word broke late last night that H&K would be importing a civilian legal version of their MP5K platform for the first time in roughly 30 years. Included in that announcement was some interesting language stating that the gun being imported wasn’t actually the venerable MP5K but a handgun that “matches the look and feel” of the gun which is banned by name for importation into the United States. That’s an important legal distinction that the company needs to make to get around the ban, but it left many people (myself included) wondering what exactly the difference will be between the old MP5K and the new SP5K?

According to the rep at the H&K booth, what we have here is basically the same thing that we’ve been seeing from people like Zenith and Pakistani Ordnance Factory. This is a standard MP5k produced to the same specifications as the original, meaning that every existing accessory will work just fine. Mostly.

The biggest mechanical change comes in the fire control group. There’s no forward retention pin, and a block has been welded in place to keep the average citizen from slapping a full auto fire control group in place. Which is exactly the same …Read the Rest

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