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By Michael G. Laramie

A French 1935A pistol and a 1950 general pattern holster. This example was made in 1950 which places it among the last to be produced. The 1935A was a well-designed and well-made pistol that would serve with French and German forces during World War II, and then later in the French colonial conflicts in Indochina and North Africa.
With the end of the First World War there was a serious assessment made concerning French small arms. As millions of rifles and pistols were placed into storage a general consensus was reached among military officials that French small arms were obsolete and in need of a complete overhaul. When it came to sidearms however, the French government was not quick to act.
There was interest in replacing the 7.65mm Ruby and the standby M1892 revolver, but no serious trials were held during the 1920s. Instead this period was used more as an examination and specification phase for the next French military pistol. One development that did occur during this time was a growing interest in the .30 cal. Pederson round.
In mid-1918 John Pederson had developed a method for converting a bolt action Springfield rifle into a semi-automatic carbine using his .30 Pederson cartridge.


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