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By Ammoland

Hillary Rodam Clinton as Dr Evil

By John Farnam

Hillary’s Targets : Second Amendment 1st, First-Amendment 2nd
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( In an interview on ABC Sunday, HRC ( Hillary Rodam Clinton ) obviously didn’t appreciate questions about our Second Amendment and did her best NOT to answer them.

As with all liberals, what answers she did choke-out were ambiguous, and she never defined her terms, nor said anything specific, even when timidly pressed by her former underling, George Stephanopoulos.

But, she did hint at what her administration would be like:

“If it (our Second Amendment) is a Constitutional right… “

Her use of the hypothetical indicates she doesn’t believe it is an individual right at all, even though clearly stated in the Constitution and repeatedly confirmed by our Supreme Court.

She completes her sentence with, “… then it, like every other Constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation.”

“Reasonable regulation,” in Democrat-ese, translates in plain English to “ Regulated out of existence,” much they way they’re currently “regulating” our coal industry!

She then disdainfully talks about American gun-owners, that hated minority (like doctors, private-sector employers, et al) and the rights of “the rest of us” to be free from …Read the Rest

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