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By Ammoland

By AWR Hawkins

Hillary Clinton” “We cannot let a minority of people (gun owners), and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a view point that terrorizes the majority of people.”
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On April 24 2015, The Hill ran a column explaining that Hillary Clinton may not outline her strong support for more gun control until the presidential election is over.

In other words, Hillary may not mention her support for expanded background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, and a gun registry, on the campaign trail, but these things will become paramount if she is able to win because;

Gun control groups are counting on her to finish the job Obama left undone.

According to The Hill, mentioning gun control carries new political perils after six years with Obama in office—one of which is the fact that a clear majority Americans now support gun rights over gun control and another is the unprecedented expansion of female involvement shooting sports.

Moreover, The Hill cites PEW’s December 2014 poll showing that “51 percent” of women are convinced having a gun protects them against crime, versus …read more

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