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By Tom Knighton

Venezuela isn’t a world power by any stretch of the imagination. It’s kind of hard to be one when your people are eating zoo animals just to survive, after all.

The nation’s economy has nosedived despite its status as being rich in natural resources, particularly oil. Now, people are starving, they can’t get toilet paper, and now tensions are even higher after President Nicolas Maduro has refused to acknowledge the outcome of a recent election. After all, President Trump has recognized the winner as the legitimate president.

Now, the Venezuelan government is worried that the American military might be coming for them, so apparently, they released a training video of their men preparing to repel a U.S. invasion.

Yes, it’s hilarious.

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ATENCIÓN: No es un video de un programa televisivo de humor, es un video del gobierno venezolano para asustar a los marines norteamericanos…

Posted by TodoEsJoda on Monday, February 4, 2019

A caption promises this isn’t from a comedy running in Venezuela, that this is a legitimate attempt to intimidate the United States Marine Corp.

Unfortunately for them, I’m …Read the Rest

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