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By George

Nine times out of ten, if you come across a black bear (that isn’t protecting it’s young) you can usually scared it away pretty easily.

At first, this bear appears to be just a curious young bear checking out a couple of hikers. But after multiple failed attempts of scaring him off, he starts to show more aggression and strange behaviors that lead to the hikers running for their lives.

Lucky for the hikers, the bear finally looses interest. I’d like to think this this was just a curious adolescent bear that wanted to show his new friends his climbing ability, but when it comes to wild animals you just never know. The two hikers seemed to handle the situation pretty well. I did think for a moment at the end that the guy with the camera might have kicked his buddy’s knee in and left him. Thankfully he finally makes it back to the Jeep.

Hopefully next time these guys will bring some bear spray, or better yet a gun.

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