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By Tom Knighton

Schools have a lot of reason to be concerned about mass shootings. While they are still rare, the media portrays them as a threat looming that will soon swallow every school in the country.

Plus, to be fair, schools that don’t take a potential threat seriously and act accordingly will be eviscerated in the press. Case in point, look at the coverage we’ve given to the administration at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. They have to react to potential threats.

Unfortunately, that’s other schools a little jumpy. Sometimes ridiculously so.

For example, a Louisana high school student found himself under intense scrutiny for saying a math symbol looked like a firearm.

A Louisiana high school student was finishing up a math problem and drew the square root symbol, authorities told KATC-TV.

Problem was, another student allegedly said the square root symbol looked like a gun — and several other students made similar comments, Allen Parish Sheriff’s deputies told the station.

And with that, deputies launched an investigation of a terrorist threat allegation at Oberlin High School on Tuesday afternoon, KATC reported, citing the department’s Facebook page.

Investigators said the students’ comment “could” sound like a threat when taken out …Read the Rest

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